Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hey, I am Mithun Paul. I am from Gazipur, Bangladesh. Now I am completing  my graduation from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University.

By this time, an ICT course is conducted from CSIT department of the University. From this course, I have learned some knowledge about blogging. The main objective of blogging is to share knowledge with the people. After learning some lessons from ICT course, I was encouraged to launch a blog and launched my first blog. The title of this blog is, CUCURBITACEAE: A group of vegetables that can mitigate the crisis of vegetables in summer!

The blog mainly describes about the vegetables of cucurbitaceae family that can be grown in Bangladesh and their production technology. The blog also shows the importance of vegetables and the vegetables under Cucurbitaceae family.

The informations of this blog are mainly collected from different web addresses. But almost all the pictures were collected from my village area. 

The informations are mainly collected from:
http:// www.keralaagriculture.gov.in/htmle/package/cucurbit.pdf

Some of the images are collected from:  http://image.google.com

The images are collected from my local village market. It was a weekly market and reasonably the market is fully crowded. Me and one of my village friend went to the market in the early noon. We had a digital camera. While capturing pictures from the vegetable shops, some of them was thinking that we are  reporter! Suddenly one of them asked me that, are you a reporter?!!? I was just shocked, and also felt shy! I couldn't found any word to answer him. But at the end, I just answered that, NO..!! And left the place immediately...!!!!

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